What’s is install Kali linux

Kali linux is a gnu/linux distribution released on March 13, 20132, based on debian. The distribution has taken the place of backtrack.
The goal of kali linux is to provide a distribution that includes various supports essential to the security tests of an information force, including the intrusion test3. Since the 2016 version. 2, kali linux is accessible pre-installed with many office environments4.

About Kali Linux

Website in Fr : https://www.kali-linux.fr/

Website in en : https://www.kali.org/

Channel Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC60hYrum5MzcVRj5u4EJ5cQ

There are: gnome, kde, lxde, mate, enlightenment and xfce, to be chosen when downloading. Before addressing, I would like to specify that this post is for educational use only, you can apply kali linux on your own network but don’t use it without permission. Under no circumstances can the author of the article be taken seriously of your facts.

You’ve already heard this name but you don’t know please it is?

For immediate clarification, kali linux is a debian based linux distribution, its main mission is to help antivirus experts producing advanced penetration tests and security analysis.

Advanced linux distribution for penetration testing, kali linux is maintained and managed by aggressive security specialists. What does the name mean? Well, we’ll get to that.

This distro was first introduced in 2006 as backtrack linux, but after a major modification in 2013, it was renamed kali. Based on debian testing, kali has more than 300 security supports, including big ones like metasploit, nmap and aircrack-ng, but also a wide variety of more obscure and expert tools. Kali linux is a gnu – linux distribution dedicated to security

It is free and diligently maintained. Like ubuntu, it is installed on the debian distribution (apt-get). It is taken at most with more than 300 supports for the hacker in you. This distribution can be used for marauding, wasting and wasting electronic documents from a computer abruptly.


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