Information systems security (IS), or more simply computer security, is the set of technical, organizational, legal and human resources required to put in place the means to prevent unauthorized use, misuse, modification or hijacking of the information system.

Ensuring the security of the information system is an activity of the information system management. A company’s digital heritage is the foundation of its activity. A company’s vital data must be centralized and backed up daily on a local server (for more control) and remotely in the event of physical disasters (theft/fire/weather).

It is also possible to opt for a simpler solution:

a box present within the company and fully secured against physical risks. IT security consists in protecting a computer system against any violation, intrusion, degradation or theft of data within the information system.

With the rise of the Internet, and the use by the majority of companies and organizations of computerized processes, threats to information systems have continued to increase and become more sophisticated, making IT security a necessity for different business models.

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